Trailfest 2014 Recap

Southern Jeeps has been too busy wheeling lately to update our page or blogs!

We’ve had a busy spring with a Polar Bear Run in February at Adventure OffRoad Park in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  We followed that with repairs and upgrades and then opened the Spring with Southern Four Wheel Drive Association’s Trailfest at AOP the first weekend of May.  
We had a great time and perfect weather!  The weekend got off to a start Thursday with set-up of the SFWDA booth at the park, and we were up early Friday to man the Tech Inspection station till Noon, welcoming all comers and making sure they were setup for a fun, safe weekend!  When we hit the trials Friday we were immediately met with carnage when Chris Fish broke the sector shaft off of his steering box.

We rigged together a couple hi-lift jacks to make an improvised a tow bar that enabled us to pull him back to the trail head. Incidents like this are what makes SJ the best club in the South. We all worked together to come up with a solution and make sure everyone made it out of the woods in one piece!

Once that was sorted out, we ran trails 41 and 62, had some dinner, took a little night cruise and then called it a day.

Saturday started off with many of us tagging along for a great new SFWDA Tradition, the Ladies Ride.  This was a lot of fun as we got a good tour of the park and an opportunity to scout new trails.  We ended that in time to catch some of the hill killing on the Bounty Hill.  After lunch we played on AOP’s obstacle course a bit then rode the trails a bit more.  Saturday ended at the pavilion with the raffle, presentations and finally we headed back to the hotel for a little unwinding with the SJ Family.

Overall this was an amazing weekend spent with good friends doing what we love in the great outdoors!

We hope to see you at our next event, Cook N Camp scheduled for July 25-27 at AOP.

Also, be sure to see the video Chris Orr put together here!

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