Just out causing trouble...

Just out causing trouble...

Membership is open to all owners of Jeep vehicles (CJ, Wrangler YJ,TJ, LJ & JK, Cherokee, Comanche, J Truck, Grand Cherokee, etc.) with four-wheel drive. You must be at least 18 years of age and meet vehicle requirements. SJ Club membership is based on the calendar year.

Prospective Member Information
Membership in Southern Jeeps is on a sponsorship basis.  To become a member of Southern Jeeps, you must be nominated by a current member in good standing and membership is contingent on a vote of membership.  This is not to foster a sense of exclusivity and keep any prospective members out, rather to promote a sense of community within the club.  While our Club Rides are open only to Members and their invited guests, meetings, social events, and ad-hoc rides are a great opportunity to get to know the club and its Members!  Check our calendar and join us at our next meeting and/or social event.

Membership Renewal
Member renewals are $20 and are due between November 1 and December 31. After December 31st, you must sign up as a new member. Renewal applications and payment will be accepted at regular meetings or online using PayPal. You must renew before December 31 to receive your UFWDA membership. Late renewals only receive the SFWDA membership. Member renewals are NOT accepted at club rides or special events.

Where does the money go?
Most of the membership and renewal fees goes to SFWDA and UFWDA.

The balance is used for club expenses and activities.

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